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In 2017, my Kindle book, The Hunt for Zodiac: The Inconceivable Double Life of a Notorious Serial Killer, was published to  3.9 Amazon stars over the course of over three years and 46 reviews plus more favorable reviews from the UK version of Amazon.  The ebook version is still available on Amazon Kindle and through other sellers.  However, new revelations about the case, especially in the form of a major announcement about SFPD's 2002 DNA in early 2018, as well as new developments in my own research, plus the fact that many people have asked about a print version of my research, have led me to release a second edition of my book.  This new edition has been updated, restructured and painstakingly edited. I've also re-titled my print book as: In The Shadow of Mt. Diablo: The Shocking True Identity of the Zodiac Killer.  It will be released on May 11th but is currently available for pre-order om and other sites.

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ISBN: 978-1-950906-87-1

"...Fascinating analysis of the Zodiac killer deaths...intellectually stimulating and informative." - Dr. Cyril Wecht, world-renowned forensic pathologist, true-crime author of over a dozen books, attorney and medico-legal consultant.  Dr. Wecht was the Coroner or Deputy Coroner of Allegheny County, PA for twenty-five years.

"It is no exaggeration to call the identity of the Zodiac Killer the most maddening unsolved crime in American history. Tens of millions of words have been spilled on various theories. But it is also no exaggeration to say that Mike Rodelli's case stands above them all for the depth of his research, the ingenuity of his insights, the lucid quality of his prose, the bulldoggedness of his dedication and his calmly methodical way of showing how the violence might have emanated from the highest levels of San Francisco society. Not everyone will agree with his startling conclusion to the case, but connoisseurs of true crime can certainly agree that Rodelli has made himself into a reluctant master of the genre: a detective's sensibility matched with a novelist's talent for storytelling. Had he been in Bay Area law enforcement when Zodiac was active, we might not have needed this book."--Tom Zoellner, Professor of English at Chapman University, author and former reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle

The Hunt for Zodiac: The Inconceivable Double Life of a Notorious Serial Killer


Published in 2017, the original ebook account of my years of work on the Zodiac case put the research into my suspect, DNA, behavioral profiling and eyewitness accounts before the public.  Shortly after this ebook was published, important new information about DNA in the case, which affected me directly, surfaced on  In addition, new research I did subsequent to 2017, the opportunity to speak about Bill Cosby and how his behavioral profile ties in to that of the Zodiac, and criticism of the editing of my ebook led me to look for a way to update my readers. Some people also contacted me asking about the possibility of aa print edition.  All of this led me to decide to put out a revised edition of my work.   

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