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      In 1998, I became interested in the case of the Zodiac killer.  However, even prior to that time, beginning when I was about 15 years old, I fell under the spell of serial killer stories when I saw a TV show on Jack the Ripper.  By 1998, I had also read Robert Graysmith's book, Zodiac, right after it was printed in paperback in 1987.  With the advent of the steady flow of information that came with the emergence of the Internet in the late 1990s, I soon began visiting the various chat rooms and websites dedicated to the case...and I got hooked by this profound mystery.

     By June of 1999, after reading and absorbing a lot of material about the progress of the investigation since Graysmith's book had come out years prior, and in particular having many email exchanges with author and profiler Dr. Mike Kelleher, an original idea came to me about possibly developing a new suspect in this old case.  Although I did not know it at the time, this seemingly innocent idea was to take me on the greatest adventure of my life.  It is an adventure that has lasted to this day.  And it was this idea that would lead me directly to the last person on earth anyone would have suspected of even littering or jaywalking, let alone having been a killer as notorious as the Zodiac.

     Since 1999, I have done things, met people, interviewed witnesses and been places I would never could have dreamt I would in a million years.  I've befriended active and retired police officers, many of whom worked on the original Zodiac investigation; a Superior Court judge and, for fourteen years, one of the pioneers in the field of behavioral profiling, Richard Walter.  Mr. Walter's 2004 profile of the killer, described in great detail in my book, would turn the case on its ear.  That profile would also put my wealthy and politically connected suspect at the top of the list after he had, in the minds of both the police and many of my fellow amateur investigators, spent years at the very bottom. 

  This book is the product of the last twenty years of my life.  In it, I first discuss the various Zodiac crime scenes and letters.  Then with that information as a foundation, I move on to a discussion of my suspect, the evidence against him, the behavioral profile by Mr. Walter, the bizarre story of the search for DNA in the case, and the 2006 face-to-face interview with my suspect and the subsequent research I did to determine the truthfulness (or rather lack thereof) of his answers to my simple questions as to his possible involvement in the Zodiac murders.  Along the way, I propose two eye=opening and thought provoking explanations of Zodiac's two "bus bomb" diagrams.  Far from being the infernal device the killer said he to would use to blow up innocent schoolchildren, I believe the diagrams served much different, and totally unexpected, purposes.  I conclude with an exhaustive summary of the behavioral and circumstantial evidence that led Mr. Walter to conclude that even in the absence of DNA evidence, I have solved this fifty year old mystery.  

     I want to thank you for visiting my website and I now welcome you to travel back in time with me and allow me to take you on the same journey I experienced beginning in 1998 by reading my book.​

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